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Malcolm Lee Steinhoff a.k.a. The Bean
Born: August 27, 2004
          10:46 p.m.
          8 lbs., 9 oz.
          21.5 inches
8/27/06: 36 lbs.
             36 inches

As of 2/12/2007 . . .
My Likes: my family, my giraffe Chaucer, pacifiers,
trains, Cars, Curious George, Sesame Street, the zoo,
playgrounds, playdates, climbing trees,
palm beach bike touring the library and tools.
My Dislikes: diaper changes, sharing, being told "no,"
and leaving my friends' houses.
Favorite word: Hunh?!
Favorite phrase: I go, Mommy! This means "Come
with me, Mommy."
Favorite toy: my trains - all 50 million of them.
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